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The Center for Mediation of the Ural State Law Academy was established by the decision of the Academic Council in January 2009.
The Mission of the Center is integration of ADR processes (specifically, mediation) in Russian legal culture.
The Primary aim of the Center is the development of various legal techniques for extrajudicial dispute settlement.
The members of the Center form a unique team of professional lawyers, who pursue innovative researches in ADR processes both, in the context of jurisprudence and from standpoints of Russian legal practice. The members of the Center are highly qualified legal professionals trained and accredited as mediators who have a distinguished experience in practicing mediation.
The members of the Center developed several mediation training programs adopted for legal professionals of various specialization fields, such as notaries, judges, corporate lawyers etc.
The Expert Council of the Center consists of the leading legal scholars from the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, who inquire into the matters of ADR and practice mediation.
The Center is one of the main and leading participants of the Pilot Project on integration of conciliative processes in the Ural Federal District.

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25 november 2012

Mediation and Settlement as Key Elements of the WTO Dispute Resolution System - An article by Dmitry Davydenko and Alexandra Khizunova published in AEB BUSINESS QUARTERLY, 2012

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