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International Conference «The International Arbitration and Mediation in the CIS Countries and the USA: Development of the Legislation and Modern Practice»

On 23-24th of June 2011 the international Research-to-Practice conference «The International Arbitration and Mediation in the CIS Countries and the USA: Development of the Legislation and Modern Practice» took place in St.-Petersburg.

The conference took place in the Tavrichesky Palace – the headquarters of the Inter-parliamentary assembly of the CIS which was acted as the partner in the holding of the forum.

Preparations for the conference were conducted by the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the SpbSU`s faculty of law, editorial board of the «Arbitration court» journal in collaboration with the St. Petersburg CCI, United States Department of Justice, Russian representation of American associations of lawyers.

The Conference was opened by the Vice-President of RF CCI V. Chubarov, the president of the International Commercial arbitration Court at the RF CCI A.Kostin, Secretary general of the Inter-parliamentary assembly of the CIS M.Krotov.

More than 200 representatives of bodies of the judicial authority, arbitration judges, mediators and science officers and lawyers took part in the conference.

Among moderators and speakers of the conference there were arbitrators of ICAC at and members of Board of intermediaries at the RF CCI: T.Abova, A.Asoskov, L.Balayan, M.Bardina, N.Vilkova, D.Davydenko, E.Kabatova, A.Kostin, I.Marisin, V.Musin, E.Nosyreva, M.Savranskiy.

N.Selivon (Ukraine), M.Suleymenov (Kazakhstan) acted on behalf of arbitration institutes of the CIS countries. The speech of the USA specialists Judge Robert Levy (United States Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of New York), Joanna Jacobs (Acting Director, Office of Dispute Resolution, U.S. Department of Justice) and Thomas Firestone (Resident Legal Advisor, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Embassy, Moscow) attracted a certain interest among the participants of the conference.

The first day of the forum (June, 23) dealt with the key trends of commercial and investment arbitration development, particularly included the following main issues: improvement of the regulation and practice of the arbitration trial of commercial disputes in the CIS countries, limits of the competence of the arbitration courts, adjustment and practice of investment arbitration with participation of the CIS countries.

The forum program of June, 24 was entirely devoted to the mediation procedure.

The main topics of the reports were the western experience of the development and regulation of the mediation, the actual status of the mediation in the CIS countries and regions of Russia as well as the prospects of the judicial mediation in the RF.

The Conference confirmed an essential role of international cooperation and joint analysis of the practice presented by territorial Chambers, together with the specialists from the CIS countries and the USA, as a mean of forming the legal traditions, distribution and popularization of institutes of alternative dispute resolution.

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