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Mediation Resource Center provides constant and systematic information and organizational support to business and mediating organizations in the Russian Federation. The Mediation Resource Center bolsters the formation of conditions in the Russian Federation for the efficient settlement of economic disputes, the legal profession and education and the protection of intellectual property.

The project makes a weighty condition to the development of the mediation institute in Russia and the spreading of law enforcement practice; it laso creates prerequisites for the development and application of ethic standards and civilized business models, the atmosphere of partnership and cooperation in the business community and the integration of Russian business into the world economy.

This project stipulates the formation and the one-year activity of the Mediation Resource Center - an information and coordination floor bound to unite the professional community, to foster the Russian market of mediation services and their transparency and accessibility for end users, i.e. business community members, and to provide the observation of professional ethical standards and legal requirements to mediation procedure.


From the beginning of 2013 Mediation Resource Center launched a service, operating with the requests for mediation procedure. You can contact a specialist by phone +7(926) 601-4442 or e-mail center@mediators.ru with the description of your issue and we will help you to define the mediability of your case, find the suitable mediator through the all-Russia mediators roll and organize the procedure.

You can also add the information about you organization providing mediational services to the mediators roll presented on the site by e-mail mediation@tpprf.ru.


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25 november 2012

Mediation and Settlement as Key Elements of the WTO Dispute Resolution System - An article by Dmitry Davydenko and Alexandra Khizunova published in AEB BUSINESS QUARTERLY, 2012

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